Will I always have the same care support worker (CSW)

We will aim to ensure you have regular care support visitors. If it becomes necessary to schedule a new CSW to visit you, we will discuss this with you first

Is it alright if I just have a man or woman

Yes, this will be discussed at initial assessment with you

What’s the longest someone can stay with me

If you pay for your own care, as long as you want.  Obviously, our staff work shifts (they have to have a home life! ), so bearing in mind staff schedules, we will cover your care as consistently as possible, even up to 24/7

If your care is funded by Adult Social Care (ASC)  or Continuing Health Care (CHC), then they will discuss this with you before contacting us

What can the CSWs do for me

Our CSWs will help you in everyday tasks to ensure you maintain your independence in your home. Usually CSWs assist with washing, dressing, toileting, medication, preparing light meals, housework, shopping and social and emotional support; but discuss your needs with us and we will endeavour to help, whatever they are.

How much will I have to pay

If your care is funded by ASC, CHC or you are in receipt of a Direct Payment, this will be discussed at your financial assessment with your social worker or district nurse

If you want to pay privately for all or part of your care, contact a member of our office team and they will discuss our rates with you

What if I don’t like the CSW  who comes

Contact us immediately, and we will do our best to resolve any concerns you have;  we will change your CSW if necessary

Is arranging a visit complicated

Not at all. We only have one telephone number, which is manned 24/7 (although only emergencies are responded to out of normal office hours), or you can email us. Let us know what you need, the more notice the better, and our coordinating team will sort out the booking.

What happens when my regular CSW is on holiday

We can send another one of our CSWs so your regular visits continue

Can I have visits just for emergencies


Can I have visits just for when my carer is away


Can I have visits daily / weekly / monthly

Yes. We will discuss your needs with you at assessment, and we will ensure your visits and care are flexible to meet your needs.

How can I cancel a visit

Call the office with as much notice as possible so we can inform your CSW. Visits are chargeable if the office is not notified within 24 hours of the visit taking place; 72 hours if you are in respite

If I am in hospital, can my CSW come and visit me once I have been discharged

Yes. Call the office (remember line is manned 24/7) and let us know when you are expecting to return to home. Your CSW will be on standby to restart your visits on confirmation you have returned home.

Any other questions?

Give us a call or drop us a line, and one of our friendly team will contact you